Love is: being myself

What does that mean, being myself.
Am I myself when I'm nice to other people, I don't think so.
Am I myself when I organize parties and social events, I don't think so.

I am myself, when I dare to be who I am, when I dare to be what I feel, when I dare to say not today please.
I am myself when I can give myself what I need, what I want, without worrying how someone else will judge it.

I want it.

If I can learn to live this way it will help me become myself, help me become independent from others and more in touch with myself.

It would be nice if we all, men and women, would work at this. Through this we could all be less dependent.
We can do nothing for the other only for ourself, with that we help ourself and also the other, we need less attention and become whole and independent.

It is good for anyone of us to find out how much love we can feel for ourself, if I can feel enough love for myself, it becomes much easier to feel the love for another and keep being myself.

By doing it in this manner it can and will change, we will be more relaxed and happy with ourself and because of that also with the other.

I am myself and full of love.